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David Philip Léasure


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Truly Healthy Now

A Guide to Attaining Enlightenment in Health and Fitness


Truly Healthy Now, or THN as I have come to call it, is a book that I wrote about my experiences in the Navy. I carried the manuscript for eight years then was finally put into a situation that forced me to publish it. I'm thankful for that situation, and the institutions, individuals, and libraries that made that happen. 

If you're interested in health, if your interested in spirituality, if you're not interested in health, if you're not interested in spirituality, give it a read. In the end I wrote the book for you, so enjoy. 

Note: THN is not a religious book. While I am spiritual and quote spiritual teachers, I in no way advocate for one belief over another. The goal of THN is to be all inclusive, not dogmatic. 

David Philip Léasure

November 8th, 2023

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